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New Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Selection

Whether you're looking to upgrade your current hearing technology or are selecting hearing aids for the first time, this can be an exciting and important experience. When it comes to choosing the right devices for your needs, your hearing instrument specialist will review the styles that are available to you, as well as the features you may benefit from, such as Bluetooth, rechargeable devices or directional microphones.

Over the last few years, hearing aids have drastically improved their technological prowess. In the past, being able to alter the individual frequencies of the sounds processed by hearing aids was considered revolutionary and a huge step in making these devices more customized to the wearer's needs. However, the past few years have shown rapid growth in the technologies offered by manufacturers, resulting in devices that are not only incredibly simple and effective, but also provide a wide range of features tailored to your specific needs.

Bluetooth technology

Integrating Bluetooth technology into hearing aids offers the best of both worlds. Bluetooth enables you to wirelessly connect your hearing aids to other compatible technologies, making it easier to use devices like your cellphone, speakers and television.

This provides many advantages such as being able to modify the settings of your hearing aid with a companion app on your phone and being able to listen to music or take calls from within your hearing aids instead of having to take them off. The sound quality is also surprisingly good, making them suitable for important calls where clarity is important or for general listening to music since the sound is able to enter deeper into your ear canal.

Rechargeable long-lasting batteries

Another common feature that was highly requested by many hearing aid wearers was the removal of disposable batteries and the inclusion of a rechargeable option. This means you no longer have to replace the batteries every few days or weeks, depending on the usage and power requirements of your devices. Rechargeable technology would allow you to simply recharge your devices when not in use, resulting in fewer battery changes and times you may be without power.

All in all, rechargeable features allow you to lower you stock pile of hearing aid batteries and requires less hands-on work . Instead, you can charge your hearing aids at the end of the night, and they will be ready to go the next morning.

Internet of things connectivity

Internet of things (IoT) might sound like a strange term, but in reality, it’s an incredibly useful modern technology that pairs with wireless hearing aid technology. IoT is often used to connect your everyday devices to something small and handy such as your smartphone. It gives you access to control things like your heating, your air conditioner and even your coffee machine. The way this integrates with hearing aids is that you’ll be able to hear alerts from all around your house through your hearing aids which are wirelessly enabled.

In addition, internet-connected hearing aids will allow for If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) integration. This opens up possibilities like automatically locking your doors when your hearing aids are switched off or automatically playing an alert when your batteries are low. You can even play alerts through your hearing aids when your laundry is done, when the coffee is ready or when someone is at your door. It opens up a wide range of possibilities that are incredibly useful for a digitally-connected lifestyle, and it’s surprisingly easy to set up with simple-to-use apps on your smartphone.

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