Our Hearing Professionals

Our staff is dedicated to stand by our name, INTEGRITY by providing great service that you can trust. We bring our patients back for a free 1 week, 2 week, and 4 week check-up. This adjustment period is important because it allows us to adjust the hearing aid(s) based on outside environment experiences. It also allows us to ease new patients into the hearing aid(s) gradually bringing the sound quality up to target. Then we see our patients for a 6 month check up even if no adjustments are needed just to make sure everything is going well. It is always free to see us and we encourage our patients to come in as needed and not to wait all the way to the 6 month check up if an adjustment is needed.

With well over 20 years combined experience our highly skilled and trained staff is here to serve all your hearing enhancement needs. Our commitment is to provide exquisite customer care with FREE follow-up check-ups to fine tune our state-of-the-art hearing instruments to insure maximum benefit is unmatched in the community. When we are fully engaged, we connect with our patients and spend the time to learn the lifestyle and what specific things they would like to hear better. Our vision is to not only treat hearing loss but also to ensure we provide solutions and care that benefits each individual’s unique lifestyle and personal needs.

Today, hearing instruments are less visible than they used to be (some even completely invisible) and there have been significant improvements in technology. Now hearing aids adjust automatically to environments to help you hear better in noisy environments. They are digital computerized to give you a more accurate clear natural fit. There are many size hearing aids and circuits to consider. Our specialists will explain them and recommend the aids for your specific needs.