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Tips for Purchasing Hearing Aids

hearing aid selection

Are you thinking about getting hearing aids? You can speak to your hearing instrument specialist about this choice and the options ahead. For now, let’s run down some of the things you can consider with this possibility.

Different types

There are actually a variety of different types of hearing aid that you can choose from. These are behind the ear (BTE), in the ear (ITE) and in the canal (ITC). You might also see certain pairs marketed as invisible in canal (IIC), so you can guess what each of these descriptions mean. Basically, this is about where the device fits. Some fit behind the ear, some in the outer ear bowl and some deep in the canal. This is mainly about whether you want your device to allow you to be fairly active and how subtle you want your device to be. Despite the fact that countless people of all ages use hearing aids, some people will want to keep their use of the devices as discreet as possible. That is certainly not a problem and you can definitely purchase hearing aids that other people won’t be able to tell you’re wearing if that’s what you want.

Be aware though that not all types of hearing aid will be suitable for you. There will be some that are actually only for mild to moderate hearing loss. This is usually the case with the smaller devices on the market that do fit inside the ear. If you aren’t sure of what this means, your hearing instrument specialist (HIS) will be able to explain it to you. 


You should consider whether your device is chargeable or uses batteries. Some even use batteries and are also rechargeable. Obviously, chargeable hearing aids are going to be a more user-friendly choice but be aware that this means that batteries will wear down the more you use them. This will lead to them draining more rapidly and eventually you might need replacements. This is why many devices also utilize disposable batteries to power the hearing aids – making it easy to change them out wherever you are.  

Different costs

There is a wide range in prices of hearing aids available on the market. This again is based on the style of the device, the tech included and the age of the device. You might want to consider whether a device is going to fit your budget. Luckily, there are hearing aids available at a range of different budgets so you should always be able to find the right one for you. Your HIS will discuss the different price ranges with you and may even offer financing options, just talk to them honestly and openly about what you really need. 

Think about tech

It’s worth noting that hearing aids these days are like mini computers. While they may look small, they tend to include an awful lot of tech. This can include everything from Bluetooth technology to memory options, different settings and so much more. It’s all included to ensure that you get the absolute best results when you are using your hearing aids. For instance, Bluetooth will allow you to connect your hearing aids to different devices in your home and in your daily life. Examples include the TV, stereo or potentially your cell phone.

If you can buy it on the market today, you can bet money that it probably includes Bluetooth capability. What this means is that you can essentially transform your hearing aids into something similar to wireless headphones. It’s the same type of idea, with the sound from the device being broadcast directly to the device in your ear. This ensures that the sound is clear and it supersedes any other source of noise. As you might guess, this is great when you are watching TV or want to focus on your laptop, or someone speaking on the phone. 

As for memory and different settings, this is all about ensuring that you can easily switch from one set of settings for a specific environment to another. How your hearing aid functions shouldn’t be the same when you’re in a crowded arena compared to a quiet room with a couple of people. With this type of tech included in your device, it doesn’t have to be. Instead, you will be able to immediately switch, usually with a simple click. Your hearing instrument specialist should be able to set up these for you when you get your hearing aids. 

We hope this article has provided you all the information you need about choosing the right hearing aids. If you want to learn more about Integrity Hearing Solutions or you need further information on finding the right hearing aids for you, contact us at 727-602-3899 for Mechanicsburg or 717-245-2437 for Carlisle. We’re here to ensure that you can get the expert support that you need.